• UV Radiation Treatment System

    UV Radiation Treatment System

    Treated by ultraviolet radiation from 20s of 21 century. With development of science & technology, the technology of artificial light house has been developped swift. And UVA, UVB methods are the most effective way in treating many kinds of dermatosis.
    In recent years, dermatosis patients become more and more, but traditional medication is not accepted by patients because it has much shortcoming such as long treatment period, great side effective, easy relapse and so on. To reduce patient pain, we researched and developed YK-6000 series UV radiation treatment system which is very effective for leukoderma, psoriasis, pityriasis rose and so on. according to clinic.
    Use Philips special UV lamp as light source, with best stability and long life;
    Small bulk, lightweight, operation simply, patients can take with themselves;
    High radiation intensity, with better curative effect;
    There is glisten board inner radiation unit, can raise radiant efficiency;
    Reasonable price, use simply, patients can bring and cure at home.

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