• WED-180 All-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

    WED-180 All-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

    Main Unit Parameters

    Scanning Model
    Electronic Linear Array, Electronic Convex Array
    Probe Connector
    Image Storage
    ≥64 frames; external U Disk
    Display Depth
    250mm (maximum)
    Image Adjustment
    Black/White, Left/Right, Up/Down, Brightness, Scanning Line Density, Dynamic
    Range, Focus Number, Focus Distance, Focus Position, Frame Correlation, M
    Speed and Sound Power
    Image Processing
    Image Smoothing/Sharpening, tissue harmonic, Gamma Correction, Histogram
    and Pseudo-color
    Distance, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Heart, GA, EDD, FW
    Automatically generate abdomen, urology, obstetrics and cardiac reports.

    WED-180 adopts multiple technologies such as micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming (DBF), real time dynamic aperture (RDA), real time dynamic receiving apodization(DRA), real time Dynamic
    receiving focusing (DRF), Digital frequency Scan (DFS) which can display a high quality, stable and high resolution image.
    The external Video printer and external monitor display can be realized with the PAL-D Video output port. All the ultrasound
    images can download to PC with high speed USB 2.0 port. Various image processing software packages are available.

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